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Are you wondering if you should study English in a small town or in a big American city like New York?

Today our guest, Michael DiGiacomo from Happy English will show you how to decide where to study English.

You need to ask yourself what your goal is.

Why are you studying abroad?

What is the purpose of the investment?

What new skills do you want to have when you go home?


Pros of studying in the city:

  •  You get access to amazing museums, restaurants, clubs, cafes, etc. You’ll get a true cosmopolitan experience.


Cons of studying in the city:

  • You are likely to spend time with people from your home country. You won’t get many opportunities to speak English if you spend time with people from your home country.


Pros of studying in the countryside:

  • You may be the only person from your home country. This could be great because you’ll be forced to speak English. You’ll probably improve much faster.


Cons of studying in the countryside:

  • You might be lonely. You might feel culture shock. You may feel isolated.
  • You might be bored because there isn’t much to do in small towns.


Here’s a better option: Choose a city that is an hour or two outside of a major city.

You can get into the city on the weekends when you get bored but your daily life won’t include people from your home country.


Michael’s Bio:

Michael DiGiacomo is the founder of Happy English.

Based in NYC, he has been an English teacher for more than 20 years.

His mission at Happy English is to make English fun and practical and to help you feel confident when you speak.

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