Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Learn how to uplift your heart, rewire your brain, and improve your English with this one, simple activity.

Having a gratitude journal means that you reflect on what you are grateful for or what you are thankful for every day.

You can also do this by speaking with someone or by sending a regular email to a gratitude buddy.

If you do this in English, this is not only a great way to improve your English, but you could also keep your mind feeling great and connect on a deeper level with your gratitude buddies.

This isn’t ‘woo-woo,’ which means that it’s not founded on a lack of scientific evidence.

Science now backs up the idea that a regular gratitude practice can change the structure of your brain.

Check out the science here.


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What are you thankful for in your English studies?

  • Your tutor?
  • Your classmates?
  • All Ears English?
  • Your study schedule and discipline?


Different Ways to Do a Gratitude Practice:

  • Text message
  • Apps
  • Email
  • Letter
  • Journal, electronic or on paper
  • Speaking, in person
  • Voice recorder
  • Use websites like


Next, learn how to get motivated for your English with Thomas Frank.


Share your gratitude here!

What are you grateful for in your English-learning life and in your life in general?

Share your ideas to inspire other AEE listeners! Leave a comment please.

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