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lazy native English speakers

Today find out how to finally be able to understand natives when they speak fast by knowing what to listen for.

Plus, let’s check up on our app goals for the AEE community!


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Exclusive limited- time bonus videos coming soon!

Jessica will take you to the soaking pool this week.

Lindsay filmed a video from her hometown of Keene, NH.

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How can you understand natives when they have lazy, natural speech?

You need to learn the rules of connected speech so that you know what to listen for when you are speaking to natives.

Here are the top three things to look for:

  • Natives change sounds: This is especially true with the “T” sound when it occurs in words like “Twitter” or ” butter” or “computer” or “better.” These words have a “D” sound not a “T” sound. This is often true with words where the T occurs in the middle of the word and between two vowels.


  • Combining words: Natives are lazy when they talk. Whatever is quickest to form in our mouths is the way we say it. Instead of saying, “what did you do last weekend” instead a native would say, “Whad-j-ya-do last weekend?”


  • Rule of insertion: We put the “Y” or “W” sound in between two vowel sounds. We do this between two words like “I agree” becomes “I-ya-agree”


When you’re ready to build the skills that you need to understand natives you can join our Bridge to Connection Method course.

We take you across the US and introduce you to native speakers all around the country.

Click here to get into the course now.

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