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Today we are lucky to have a guest on the podcast!

Is it possible to find a new version of yourself when you speak English? Yes it is!

Today we have Chisako Naito on the show to tell us how she did it.

Chisako joined the Native English Power Weekend in 2018 as a student ambassador.

Click here to sign up now. Spots are running out!

Chisako works at an IT company in Japan. Her company has offices all over the world.

Chisako travels for work sometimes so English is crucial for her professional success.

Professional English

Chisako uses English in the workplace but she noticed that there is a limit to what she can learn from textbooks. That’s why she started listening to the All Ears English Podcast.

She joined the Native English Weekend in Tokyo in 2018 to get stronger with her English at work.

Her biggest challenges are fluency, vocabulary, and being spontaneous in English.

How did the program help her?

Before she joined the event she felt nervous. She was worried about being spontaneous but by the end of the event her feeling about English changed.

Why did this happen? It happened because of the real conversation with native speakers and she was 100% focused on her English that weekend. It was full immersion.

What was her favorite activity?

She really enjoyed the Find Someone Who activity that we did at the beginning.

She got to speak with more than twenty people including students and native speakers.

This kicked the morning off on a strong and positive note.

What was the most important thing she learned?

It’s important to learn English through real conversation and natural interactions.

She suggests that you register and join the event so that you can find a new version of yourself! Go here to register now.

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Chisako’s Bio:

Chisako Naito was born in 1986. She works in Marketing and Sales Support in Global ICT Company. She uses English at work and also, she has acted as a volunteer guide for foreign tourists and as an interpreter for some artists as her life’s work. She loves sports and was selected as a Lacrosse U-21 Japan National Squad member.

What questions do you have?

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