Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Have you ever visited a place like New York and found yourself panicking when you couldn’t understand what someone said to you?

Maybe you tried to order a coffee or dinner and you couldn’t understand the waiter?

Maybe you didn’t know how to respond?

Today we read a story about a listener who got stuck and panicked in a New York bagel shop.

Find out what this listener needed to do and make sure you never face the same situation.

Here is the listener’s question:

Hi, Lindsay,
Thank you for the reply. I visited NYC last weekend for sightseeing. One of the most impressive things is the Broadway musical “Aladdin”. I totally enjoyed the whole trip. Also I was looking forward to eating bagels in NY, but I had an English problem when I ordered bagels. I said to a server “Can I have a bagel with cheese? ”. Then, He asked me some questions ”what kind of bagel? What kind of cheese. Toast it? ”.  I was kind of panicked because I don’t know what kind of bagel or cheese there are. Since there was a long line, I couldn’t ask what option I have. I pointed to one of them and barely finish my order. The bagel was great though. The same thing happened on the Subway as well. The problem is that I had to decide my choice in a short time. They typically speak so fast. There are too many choices. So, my question is “How can I order something like a native speaker ”.  I am going to stay in US for one more month. So I can try it again!
Thank you so much!! -Konny Island


What is the real problem for this student?

It’s all about listening!

It’s not a matter of knowing the right phrases.

You need the baseline confidence so that you can slow down and get comfortable in this fast-paced situation.


3 steps to feel comfortable in any conversation:

In our course we show you how to stop, slow down, look around, and understand the context.

Next we show you how to bring to your mind what you already know about a situation like this so that you can anticipate what the person is going to say.

Finally we help you express yourself and respond to the topic or what is being asked in the conversation.


How does our new course help you?

In our course this is exactly what we help you with.

We show you spontaneous conversations with natives in noisy bars, restaurants, city streets.

We show you the skills you need to center your mind and respond in order to connect with these people so that when you face this situation yourself you will not panic. Instead you will stay calm enough to connect with the person and accomplish the task that you want to accomplish.


Click here to get into our course.

We are only accepting the first 100 people so act fast!

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