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Today is a teaching Tuesday! Today we’ll show you four English vocabulary words to discuss college in the United States.

Did you listen to episode 5? In Episode 5 we debated whether or not college in the US is worth the price.

You heard these in episode 5, now find out what they mean and how to use them!


New Expressions:

  • Prohibitive (adjective): Something that is too expensive to be able to purchase. Examples:  “Living in New York City can be prohibitive.” or  “The cost of education in the US has become prohibitive.”
  • To be worth it (expression): The reward justifies the cost of doing something. Examples: ” Is it worth it to eat that piece of chocolate cake?”
  • Advantageous (adjective): Something that puts you ahead of others, gives you extra help Examples: “Going to college can be advantageous” or “Learning a language is advantageous”
  • To pound the pavement (idiom): To work hard to reach your goals. Examples: “To get what you want in life you need to pound the pavement”


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If you are thinking about working or studying in the US, remember to check out our episode on how to interview in the United States.

Thanks for listening to today’s episode!

Please leave a comment below and let us know if you have tried to use these phrases in English.

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