Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

In today’s special bonus episode we’ll give you a tiny preview of what is coming soon in our new course!

One of the big themes that we’ll explore in our course is gay marriage and gay rights in the United States.

We’ll also talk about how you can build the anchors that you need to participate in conversations that might be uncomfortable and unpredictable like gay marriage.

Lindsay attended the Gay Pride San Francisco celebrations to interview local people in the GLBT community.

What does GLBT mean?

It means Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender communities.

In our upcoming course we’ll show you how to take these video interviews from this event and follow the coming out stories that were told.

We’ll also show you how to figure out different prefixes that people use to refer to their gender.

You’ll also learn how to track verb tense while someone tells a story.

When you talk with natives in everyday conversations the verb tense changes throughout the story.

Time is so important in the way that we talk if we want to participate and ask questions.

These lessons will give you the comfort and confidence that you need to be connected with the people you speak with.


**Our course is coming later this fall!

Click here to get on the VIP list and to get a free lesson where you’ll meet a gun salesman from Texas.


What questions do you have?

What is the atmosphere like for GLBT people in your home country?

Let us know below.

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