Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

What’s your favorite song?

What do you think about the latest popular songs on the charts?

Today, learn new ways to share your opinion about specific songs in English.

Music and connection

Lindsay asks Michelle if she has a favorite song.

Michelle shares that her favorite song changes depending on what’s going on in her life.

If she had to choose one, she would say it’s Chariot by Gavin DeGraw.

It was a very popular song in the early 2000’s.

Just before college she was blasting this song all throughout the summer.

She also loves songs from Jason Mraz and Pink.

Lindsay has always loved Tom Petty’s songs.

This goes back to her high school days.

She loved listening to Tom Petty on road trips.

Lindsay loves Whitney Houston too.

The universal language

In today’s episode, Lindsay and Michelle will discuss how to talk about your favorite song.

Michelle and Lindsay share that music is a great way to connect with people.

It is often said that music is the “universal language.”

Music is very subjective and can be meaningful in different ways for different people.

It’s a great way to get to know someone and connect.

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This episode will teach you other good ways to make a connection.

Life events and music

There are a lot of life events that you can relate songs to.

You can hear a song and be transported back to a core memory.

For example, in weddings, you can have a song playing that you will then associate to that very memorable day.

Additionally, a song from your childhood can bring up memories from your youth.

Music can affect us deeply when it is tied to memories.

The lyrics and tune of a song can be so engraved in your mind that when you hear it, you feel nostalgia.

Ways to talk about music

Musical interests are a great conversation starter.

Today we’ll share phrases to describe songs.

You can describe the latest song you listened to or share about your all-time favorite tune.

#1: A bop

This means a song has a strong beat and makes people want to dance.


“Have you heard the new Pink song? It’s a real bop!”

#2: That’s my jam!

You can use this to refer to your favorite song.


“What song will be next? Oh my gosh! That’s my jam!”

#3: Toe-tapper

This phrase is a slightly more outdated way to call something ‘a bop.’

It’s another way to say a song makes you want to move your feet and dance.


“You should listen to that song. It’s a toe-tapper for sure.”

#4: Catchy

Saying a song is catchy means you can easily remember the song and melody.

We often say they get ‘stuck in our heads.’


“All of her songs are so catchy.”


Here are example phrases to bring up music in a conversation:

  • My favorite song is….
  • The melody of the song _____ is contagious!


Here is a quick roleplay from Lindsay and Michelle using the vocabulary taught in this episode to talk about music.

In this scenario Lindsay and Michelle are friends at a party.

Michelle: This party is great. I love the music the DJ is playing.
Lindsay: Yes the last one was a real bop.
Michelle: Totally. Oh amazing- this one’s my jam!
Lindsay: Such a catchy tune. I love the beat.
Michelle: Me too. What a toe-tapper!
Lindsay: Haha yes!


Music is a great way to bond with someone.

It really is the universal language.

If you’re not sure about a topic to start a conversation, you can start with asking what music genre they prefer.

You can also ask about a song that has been memorable in someone’s life.

It is a fantastic conversation starter that can help you build deeper connections.

What is your favorite song?

Share it in the comments below so we can add it to our music playlist!

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