Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Have you ever wondered why food is such a popular topic of conversation? Do you struggle to come up with great English conversation topics when you talk with native speakers?

Go to food! You will never go wrong.

The topic of food across cultures is a great way to go deeper with your English conversations and today we’ll talk about how to do that.

We’ll give you some ways to start these conversations today.

You Talk About What You Know

When it comes to conversation, it’s all about using life experiences to make connections.

The more conversations we have, the more the positive cycle continues.

Talking about food is so common and it gives you something universal to talk about.

Conversation begets conversation–the more you engage the easier it is to make connections.

So talking about something like food that everyone knows and understands helps to keep conversation and connections going strong.

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An Idea For A Conversation Starter

What food is popular in your area that was brought in by immigrants?

This is a different slant on talking about food, and it helps to connect us to other people.

This is a reflection that really helps you to stop and think, and it makes for a great conversation starter.

It helps us to learn our history and connect to other cultures, through food.

This is about having the topics, and it’s not just about the grammar or the technical part of it.

This is the missing piece of conversation, and one that you can help to fulfill by focusing on a topic that everyone knows something about, such as food.

Food Makes For Great Conversation

You can make great connections just through food.

Think of something like spam that is used in other cultures and eaten in the US, but not necessarily as often anymore.

It was eaten here in the 1950’s but it’s not a popular food item in the US anymore.

Spam is a meat substitute  that is used in the food of other cultures.

This goes to show that there are connections in food and they exist across cultures.

It’s interesting to see what foods cross boundaries and show up in a variety of different cultures.

Everyone Likes To Talk About Food

Considering what food has been brought to your region by immigrants is a great reflection.

This helps you to find empathy and search out connections to other areas of the world and  other cultures.

Food is a universal topic and it helps to connect people in a simple but effective way.

Think of your own connections to food and how you can turn these into conversations.

It’s such a simple idea and yet it can get everyone involved and in the dialogue.


Food is a universal topic that can get anyone to start talking.

Think of what foods you eat have been brought here by immigrants.

If you stop to consider this then you may find that you have even more to talk about.

Food makes for an excellent way of connecting and is a topic that people can talk about for extensive periods of time.

If you have any questions, please put them in the comments section below.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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