Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you like to eat meat? Do you eat a lot of fish? Do you like animals?

Today we explain how to understand discussions about meat and animals by understanding some important context clues and we teach you some common phrases when it comes to meat.

Here is our question for today:

“If I say like “I like cat or I like dog” it means I like dog or cat meat, right? But if I say in general “ I like cats” or “I like dogs” it means the animal, right? but what if I say “I like sheep” because sheep can be plural or singular so how do you know if it’s  the meat or the animal. Same with the word “fish”” – Anastacia

This can be a confusing part of English!


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How can you think about this?

Listen up!

Think about the context.

What is logical?

Are you talking about fish as pets or are you talking about fish as a food? 


Some animals have different names when you eat them:

  • Sheep= lamb


Some animals have the same names when you eat them:

  • chicken the animal=chicken the meat (non count)
  • fish the animal=fish the food (non count)
  • duck the animal=duck the meal
  • turkey the animal=turkey the meal
  • goat the animal=goat’s meat, goat’s milk, goat cheese


Which one is it? What are you talking about at the time?

  1. “Oh man, I could really go for some turkey tonight. I love Thanksgiving food.”
    1. Here we are talking about the food.
  2. “I love fish! I’m thinking of getting an aquarium”
    1. Here we are talking about the animal, not the food.
  3.  “Do you like sushi? M: No, I don’t like fish.”
    1. Here we are talking about the food.


Meat vocabulary!

  • Cow=beef
  • Baby cow=veal
  • Pig=pork, bacon
  • Goat=goat
  • Sheep=lamb
  • Deer=venison 


Extra phrases:

  • To be dead meat: To be in trouble
  • To get to the meat of something (meaty): To get the most important part of something
  • To beef up: To improve, to increase skills, to get stronger in one area
  • To bring home the bacon: To be the breadwinner and to bring home the family income


Does this answer your question?

Let us know your questions below.

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