Aubrey Carter
"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"
Jessica Beck
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Today we kick off Writing Month here at IELTS Energy.

For the month of April, we will focus on how to improve Writing scores.

We know many of you are focusing on improving IELTS Writing!

In this first episode, you’ll find out the top 3 reasons students get 6 or lower on IELTS Writing.

Once you know these pitfalls, you can avoid them.

This way you can get the 7+ you need!

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Mistake #1: Not knowing the scoring system

If you are writing essays without understanding the scoring system, they will likely get a 6 or lower.

Sometimes 3 Keys students write an essay for feedback before finishing the Writing module.

When this happens, they make mistakes that lower their Task Response and Cohesion/Coherence scores.

You can improve your vocabulary and grammar on your own.

However, it is nearly impossible to improve Task Response and C/C scores on your own.

To improve these 2 scoring sections, you need to know what the Examiner is looking for.

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What is needed for a 7+ on Task Response?

You must stick to the question.

Your reasons must directly answer the question in the topic.

Additionally, each reason must be fully supported.

All details and examples must directly support your reasons.

You don’t have time on IELTS essays to go on tangents.

If you do, you likely won’t fully support your ideas.

What is needed for a 7+ on Cohesion/Coherence?

You must use a wide variety of high level transitions.

Many students use very common linking words like firstly, also, next and then.

These are low level, repetitive and boring!

These can’t get you a 7+ on Cohesion/Coherence.

Instead, use less common transitions!

Additionally, your essay must be well-organized.

Each paragraph must have a clear central theme.

Mistake #2: Weak body paragraphs

A body paragraph is like a funnel that starts wide at the top.

It gets more narrow as it goes on.

Everything must be linked together logically.

Your ideas must be simple and clear.

Every sentence has to support what came before it.

The structure must be clear.

You can’t have unrelated sentences that don’t support your reason.

Your reasons must be clearly and fully supported.

When brainstorming, think of ideas with clear supporting examples.

Mistake #3: Too many ideas

If students don’t brainstorm before writing, they often write body paragraphs with too many reasons.

If you include multiple reasons, you don’t have time to support them all.

Every reason you provide for your opinion must be fully supported!

Definitely be sure to take 5 minutes to brainstorm before writing!

How to brainstorm for IELTS Writing

Choose one reason to support your opinion, or 2 if the question contains a plural.

  • Advantages
  • Solutions

You will then brainstorm strong supporting details.

When writing, stick to what you have brainstormed!

Don’t add more reasons, even if you think of better ones once you start writing!


Today you learned the top 3 reasons students get low scores on IELTS Writing.

You can now avoid these pitfalls!

Be sure you are very familiar with the scoring system!

Make sure your body paragraphs have strong reasons that are well-supported.

Additionally, limit your ideas so that you can support them fully!

For more strategies for IELTS Writing, you can now get just the 3 Keys Writing module!

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What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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