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In today’s episode find out why you should not crowd your body paragraphs on IELTS Writing Task 2.

Find out how to keep your paragraphs clean and clear when it comes to this part of the exam.

Tpoday we have

“I’d like to thank you for your wonderful program. It provides enormous benefits for IELTS takers like me. I would like to ask about Writing Task 2. How many topics are allowed per body paragraph? For example, for the first argument do I need one topic sentence only and then to explain it by giving an example and ending the sentence or do I need to provide another topic sentence again?”


Our response:

Great question!

We see how you could be confused about this.

The classic academic body paragraph organization is like a math formula.

However, IELTS is not the same as academic writing.  With IELTS there has to be just one main idea in each paragraph.

Keep it simple for Writing Task 2.

Your topic sentence should be general. For example, “There are many advantages to this.”

That could be your main idea.

Then the examples will fall under that main idea.

After you have mastered that you can get more specific with your topic sentence like “There are many advantages to the economy with this.”

The structure should be:

  • First- topic sentence
  • Next- reason
  • Last- examples



What are the advantages of having one world language?

If you’re just starting out with IELTS then your topic sentence would be: “There are a lot of advantages to having one world language”

Your reasons could be: “Firstly, people from different countries could travel anywhere they want and have no problems with communication.”

Your example: “For example, if someone from America wanted to learn about the Middle East this person could have no fear about getting lost in foreign cities and would be able to ask for directions and feel confident and safe.”

Reason 2: “Another benefit could be solving problems in international relations.”

Example 2: “For example, in current peace talks in the Middle East perhaps it would be easier for people’s motivations to be understood if there weren’t linguistic breakdowns between the varying groups.”

These examples don’t go deep enough so it’s better to stick with one reason and example and go deeper with the examples.

In our course we take you through the process of developing this skill step by step. We don’t have time to teach you the whole process in today’s episode.



If you feel that you are a good writer but you’re not getting the score you need then go back and listen to IELTS Energy Episode 283 for advice and tips.


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Any questions from today?

Let us know below.

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