IELTS Energy 813: Be Present with Your IELTS Verb Tenses

When it comes to verb tense on IELTS, you don’t have a choice. You don’t get extra grammar points for using fancy verb tenses just because they are complicated. Your scores are determined by whether you are using the correct verb tense. Today we’ll break… Read More

IELTS Energy 804: Commonly Committed Comma Confusion (And Other Grammar No-Nos)

What kind of sentences do you need to get a high score on IELTS Writing? Many students feel they need lots of different types of sentences. This is not the case! What happens when students try to have many different types of complicated sentences? They… Read More

IELTS Energy 800: Positively Perfect Part 2 Speaking IELTS Answers

What questions might be asked on the Speaking Exam in the near future? IELTS wants to stay relevant and include questions that are up-to-date. Podcasting is huge, and many people listen to them. You might get asked to describe your favorite podcast! You can be… Read More