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Today learn 8+ grammar structures to use in your IELTS Speaking and Writing answers!

We don’t focus much on grammar, because it is difficult to improve that score in a short amount of time.

A more efficient and intelligent way to use your preparation time is improving your scores in the other categories for IELTS Speaking and Writing.

In order to get a band score 6 or higher for IELTS Speaking and Writing, you have to use a variety of sentence structures. The easiest way to do this is by working in conditionals and relative clauses.

Add these sentences to your vocabulary notebook!

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IELTS Academic Task 1

In our course, we spend a lot of time on structures for these essays. Here is one of them:

The population of Nepal hit 27 million, which was the apex of the period given.

This is an excellent example of a relative clause. This is the best way to add description about a noun in a sentence (the subject or the object).

Many students worry about whether or not to add a comma for these clauses.

This will not make a huge difference to your grammar score. So, when in doubt, put a comma!

Remember that the relative clause needs to go as close as possible to the noun it is describing.

The word apex is an impressive vocabulary word that means peak.

IELTS Writing Task 2 and Speaking Part 3

Social media platforms, where people while away superfluous hours, are doing very little to further our minds.

When you use a relative clause with where, remember you have to follow it with another subject, or a noun. In this case, the subject for where is people.

Superfluous is an awesome word for a lot or too much/many. These words are easy an should not be used on the exam!

IELTS Speaking Part 2

There are many Part 2 questions that ask you to describe people. These are, of course, answers that easily lend themselves to relative clauses with who.

My Human Anatomy teacher, who was also the wrestling coach, oddly enough, really created a dynamic learning environment.

Adding the phrase oddly enough to sentences in the Speaking Exam is an excellent native-speaker feature. Listen to our intonation and rhythm when we use this phrase today and practice sounding like us for impressive pronunciation.

How can you use these structures?

Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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