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Today, you’ll learn the most common writing topics for IELTS Task 2 in order to prepare for your top writing scores.

Take notes on today’s episode so you know how to organize your vocabulary notebooks according to topics.

A listener wrote in with this question:

I wanna know about writing. Is there any repeated question? Can you give me some important questions that will be asked in the exam? I also want to know about the vocabulary. If possible, please give a list of some important vocabulary used in speaking and writing.

Firstly, IELTS does not repeat exact questions in Task 1 and 2. Students spend a lot of time on forums, looking at test questions, even though these won’t be seen again.

To be honest, however, there are some Speaking Exam questions that are repeated. However, don’t count on being asked the same exact questions as another candidate.

In order to prepare for the Writing Exam, it is more useful to focus on common topics, and not exact test questions.

It is also extremely helpful to learn what the examiner is looking for in your essays, and learn the strategies for fulfilling those requirements. Looking at model essays that apply these strategies is a really good place to start in your writing preparation. Add those steps to your study plan!

To get impressive vocabulary for each of these, read articles from different sections of the newspaper and add 2-3 words to your notebook from each article.

Common Writing IELTS Topic #1: Technology

Technology was meant to make our lives easier. Many feel that it has actually complicated our lives.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Notice that this topic is tied into culture/society.

***Bonus preparation activity!

Use Task 2 questions as conversation starters in a study group!

If you are in our course, get a group together in the closed Facebook group.

Common Writing IELTS Topic #2: Education

This is probably the most common topic on all parts of the exam.

Homeschooling is a phenomenon that is increasing these days, while many think it is unnecessary.

What is your opinion?

We think homeschooling is only common in some places. Perhaps this is not a thing in your country! This is something that you’d have to research in order to have something to say.

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Common Writing IELTS Topic #3: Celebrity / Fame

Do you believe that celebrities should be role models for children?

Related ideas that you should explore for this topic are gossip, privacy, self-created celebrity.

Common Writing IELTS Topic #4: Media

How far can you trust media resources?

To be honest, if you can connect current events to an IELTS topic, it shows a higher level of thought and maturity which will help you stand out from other students.

Common Writing IELTS Topic #5: Health

If you follow our culture of thinking strategy, you will have ideas about this topic.

Recently, we discussed how to create and English-speaking personality for yourself. An addendum for this would be to watch local news from the city you’ve chosen to be from. My favorite from Portland is KGW, and Lindsay watches Chronicle.

Common Writing IELTS Topic #6: Business / Finance

Although this might sound boring to some people, you can definitely find a way in that you can connect to. For instance, if you are an artist, read about how to sell works of art.

What do you think of today’s topics?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!

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