Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

The questions are straight from the British Council website, and, thus, are definitely IELTS valid!

Jessica will answer a Part 2 and some Part 3 questions about the topic of value or worth– very common on the IELTS Speaking and Writing Exams.

Remember- the topic of your Part 2 card will always be the central focus of the Part 3 questions as well.


For Part 2, in order to offer a fluent and cohesive answer, try to offer a very detailed description of something personal to you, whether that be an object or a memory. Your goal is to create an image in the examiner’s mind.

In IELTS Part 3, as the questions are not personal, try to include examples for society at large, not just instances from your own life.

As you listen to the sample answers, take notes on specific phrases that are interesting to you, that you feel will improve your own communication in English.

Also, listen to the amount of expressiveness in Jessica’s voice, and try to incorporate some of this ‘drama’ into your own speaking.

IELTS Part 2 Question: Describe something important that you own, which is very important to you.

  • Vocabulary: run out, depleted, extreme anxiety, my breath caught in my throat, vital, my life’s blood, almost literally, upgraded
  • Phrases: Well, I don’t want to sound like everyone else, because I feel like this is, sort of a common answer to give, and I want to set myself apart, but the first thing that came to mind was…, I’ll tell you what, …, This is crazy to say, and maybe you won’t believe me, but…
  • Telling a story is not veering off track; in fact, you will raise your Fluency/Coherence and Vocabulary scores by presenting more specific, clear details.


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Listen to this episode about describing objects in IELTS Speaking Part 2.

IELTS Part 3 Question: What kind of things bring status to people in your country?

  • Phrases: It really varies from place to place. The priorities of people here are in line with my own…, quote unquote status…, That echoes the feelings of the community I’m surrounded by…., He doesn’t advertise the fact that he is of the upper-class…, Outward superficial status is not immediately obvious.

Have things changed since your parents time?

  • Phrases: To be completely frank and open here, …, The Leave it To Beaver idea of what the perfect family was at that time…, Status was a lot more evident or apparent back then.

How would you answer today’s questions?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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