IELTS Energy 846: Today’s Episode will Stun your Educated Mind

Today’s episode is jam-packed with IELTS Listening practice! We’re doing a Listening section 4 practice exercise for you to complete. Complete the summary below and then check your answers in the comments! You’ll also hear fantastic native ways to compare education in the past and… Read More

IELTS Energy 840: Why Can’t Guarav Say More in IELTS Speaking Part 2?

Today you will hear a mock Speaking Part 2 with 3 Keys IELTS student Guarav. Jessica, Director of IELTS Training at All Ears English, gives him personal advice on how to increase his fluency score. He then gets immediate feedback on how he can fill… Read More

IELTS Energy 837: Will Dan Score Band 8 on IELTS Speaking?

Today Jessica interviews Dan, who just started studying for IELTS. He has not yet taken the exam. Today he’s getting Jessica’s expert Examiner advice on Speaking You can use this advice as well to get the highest possible score on the Speaking exam. He took… Read More

IELTS Energy 823: Gravitate Towards These Gender Comparisons on IELTS

There is a very good chance you will need to make comparisons on the IELTS exam. Today we will provide you with vocabulary that can be used to compare males and females. This comes up often on graphs and charts in Academic Task 1 which… Read More