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Today you’ll find out why getting difficult Part 3 questions is a good sign on your Speaking Exam!

There are so many IELTS myths out there! Especially on IELTS forums and blogs, that are not closely watched by professionals.

A student wrote to us with this question:

I’ve been hearing on some sites preaching to know all about IELTS that the examiners don’t give a score for Part 3. Here is a quote from one such site: “In the IELTS Speaking test, the examiner will judge your speaking ability from Parts 1 and 2, and then when you get to Part 3 he will make the questions more or less difficult. So, although there are no points awarded in Part 3 of the Speaking Test, it is important.” 

There is a grain of truth in there.

However, of course the examiner will count your performance in Part 3 when deciding on your score!

In Speaking Part 3, the examiner has 3 groups of questions to use, which increase in difficulty.

The examiner will start deciding on a score in Parts 1 and 2, like thinking you are around a 6 or around a 7.

Then, Part 3 is your last chance to prove yourself to the examiner.

What happens in this last section of the Speaking Exam is that the examiner will begin by asking you the easier questions.

Then, if you are around a 7 or higher, the examiner will challenge you with the more difficult questions, so you show your ability and deservedness of a higher score.

What does this mean for you?

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As a candidate, you need to know what the examiner needs to hear in each part to award high scores.

For instance, in Part 1 and 2, you are asked to answer more informal, easy-going questions. So, you’ll use more laid-back, descriptive language.

In Part 3, in which the questions are more difficult and serious, you’ll slow down in your pronunciation speed and use higher level vocabulary.

Knowing the exam is essential to not getting flustered on test day.

So, getting really hard questions in Speaking Part 3 means that you’ve performed really well so far!

Even if you get impossible questions, be honest and direct and personal.

Relax, be yourself and be impressive! Use natural, less common phrases, and prove that you can talk about anything!

What IELTS questions do you have for us?

Leave us a note in the comments section below!

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