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In today’s fun episode you’ll learn the difference between 4 impressive words that are often confused!

This is because they sound similar.

  • Resolution
  • Revolution
  • Revelation
  • Restitution

These can cause confusion for non-natives when they show up on IELTS Listening and Reading exams.

We’ll break these down so you don’t get tripped up by these in the future.

For each, we’ll provide the definition and example sentences.

#1: Resolution

  • resolution: resolving to do something

We often refer to New Year’s resolutions.

I’m making a resolution to eat more healthy this year.

  • resolution: final solution

We often collocate this with “come to a resolution,” meaning to reach a final solution.

This is a word we teach in one of our 3 Keys IELTS templates for Problem/Solution essays.

If the topic is childhood obesity, a possible resolution would be to have a limit on sugar content.

As a possible resolution, fast food restaurants cannot add more than 20 grams of sugar to a menu item.

#2: Revelation

  • revelation: full, often sudden understanding

You can use this anywhere on IELTS Speaking to describe something you came to understand.

The book I’m reading had a shocking revelation about lobotomies.

Jessica describes a revelation she recently had while watching a documentary series called The Decline of Western Civilization.

It gave her a better understanding of musicians during this time and how society failed them.

You can also use this as a filler phrase to introduce a big opinion.

I actually had a revelation about this recently!

This gives you a few seconds to think about how to answer.

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#3: Revolution

There are two common meanings.

  • revolution: an uprising against a government or regime

Use this on IELTS to discuss politics, history or a country’s past.

This is both a passive and active word.

Passively, you’ll see the second meaning in IELTS Reading passages about planets making revolutions around the sun.

  • revolution: an instance of revolving

Earth’s revolution around the sun takes about 365 days.

We use this to describe any big change or big shift in society.

  • The technological revolution
  • The Me Too movement

#4: Restitution

This word is very useful for IELTS writing!

  • restitution: making amends

The Task 1 letter often asks you to submit a complaint.

One of the bullets often asks you to write what you expect to be done about the problem.

  • I expect you to make restitution…
  • As restitution, I would like you to…
  • I demand restitution…
  • I expect you to offer restitution…
  • I would appreciate restitution…

This could also be used in a Problem/Solution Task 2 essay.

Restitution can be used as a parallel for solution.

As restitution, the government can implement educational training.

The government can pay a set sum of money as restitution.


These 4 words are high level and you may encounter them on the IELTS exam.

You don’t want to get them confused!

Add them to your Vocabulary Notebook and practice using them as you study for IELTS.

Using them in the correct context can boost your Vocabulary score to a 7 or higher.

For more strategies that can improve your IELTS score, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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