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"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"
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3 Keys Writing Wizard winner Alex is back!

She shares her scores from her recent IELTS exam.

On her first attempt, she was able to get an Overall 8!

We want you to be able to follow in her footsteps!

She gives details about 3 Keys strategies that helped her get these amazing scores.

This can be great motivation to see that it is possible to get even higher scores than you’re expecting!

What scores did she get?

  • Overall: 8
  • Listening: 9
  • Reading: 8
  • Speaking: 8
  • Writing: 6.5

She was aiming for an Overall 7 and was amazed by her scores!

It felt fantastic to get higher scores than she expected!

Why did she sign up for 3 Keys IELTS?

She did not want to waste money having to take the IELTS exam a second time!

She wanted to make sure she only had to take it once.

After looking into her options, she decided 3 Keys IELTS was what she needed.

She decided to invest in herself and sign up for the course!

She found that it had all the strategies she needed!

Advice #1: Be aware of weaknesses and strengths

Alex spent time taking a mock test and figuring out what she would score

This let her know which exam sections were weakest for her.

She was intentional about focusing where she was weakest.

She also was thoughtful about her strengths and skills.

It was vital that she use these to her advantage!

Advice #2: Spelling

Alex recognized that one of her weaknesses was spelling.

She looked for lists of frequently misspelled words.

She used Total Physical Response and wrote them by hand.

This is an excellent strategy.

Look for commonly misspelled words and then hand write them.

The more you can have a physical connection to a word, the better you’ll be able to remember it.

Strategies Created By a Former Examiner

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Advice #3: Focus on topics

Alex was aware that she had difficulty understanding certain topics.

  • Natural sciences
  • Biology
  • Plants
  • Animals

She spent time focusing on articles and resources covering these topics.

She added words for these topics to her vocabulary notebook.

Advice #4: Use what you know

On the Speaking exam, she was asked a question about fishing.

What types of fish are common in your country?

She didn’t know anything about fish that might be caught in a nearby lake.

However, she had read articles about tuna being exported.

She also had read articles about microplastics.

She was able to talk about the environment and the effects of microplastics on the fish population.

Relating the vocabulary and high level ideas you’ve learned in this way can push you to an 8!

Advice #5: Don’t drink a lot of water before the exam!

Alex had to leave the writing exam to use the restroom.

This took almost 10 minutes of her time!

She could tell that this affected her score greatly.

She was comfortable with the Task 2 topic so she took this break.

Unfortunately, on Writing every minute counts!

Avoid this situation by limiting your water intake right before the exam.


Alex is proof that you only have to take the IELTS exam one time!

The key is to get a system with strategies and insider advice.

She signed up for 3 Keys IELTS when she first started studying.

This gave her all the strategies she needed to get her scores the first time!

Follow her example and invest in yourself!

Sign up for 3 Keys IELTS today!

Do you have questions about today’s topic?

Let us know in the comments below!

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