Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

In today’s episode you’ll find out if you should use cursive or printing on the Writing test on the IELTS.

If your handwriting is messy, it can impact your score negatively.

Practicing the timing on the Writing test is the key to making sure that your handwriting stays neat and easy to read.

Don’t make it hard for the examiner to read your essay.

If you have messy handwriting when using cursive, then try to print in block letters.


Some teachers might ask you to type out your essay for your IELTS practice.

Typing out your essay is not good practice.

If a teacher asks you to do that, don’t trust that teacher!

It is not valid test practice because on test day you will have to write your essays by hand.

Don’t skimp on your preparation:

You cannot skip steps.

Learn from an IELTS professional who is teaching you correctly and who is not wasting your time.

It’s not enough just to read an example essay, learn an outline and jump into the test.

You need to sit down, write out your practice essays, and get feedback.

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