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We have created a key strategy to help you deal with a blank mind on IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Learn about the common traps and how not to fall into them in today’s episode.

On Speaking Part 2 you will be asked to describe a person, a place, or an object.

The best strategy when you have a blank mind on Speaking Part 2 is that you should always immediately tell a story.

When you are asked to describe an object you can tell a story about when you bought it, why you bought it, what your life was like without it and after it, and what it means to you.

Or if you want to buy it you can describe why your life isn’t complete without it.

This makes your pronunciation sound more natural so it increases your pronunciation score.

How to practice this?

Sit in your house and choose an object.

Stare at it.

Come up with a story that you can tell about the object.

Practice describing the object and your story about it for the full 2 minutes.

Do you need to answer the bullet points on the card?

No! You do not need to address these points.

They are just meant to give you suggestions.

It’s a rumor if someone tells you that you need to answer these bullet points. Find a better IELTS Professional if your tutor is telling you these rumors.

Sometimes it hurts your score if you do address all of those points because your answer will sound disconnected and it will not flow from idea to idea.

This could hurt your score.

How can you fill the whole 2 minutes?

Two minutes feels a lot longer than it sounds.

How can you make sure you speak long enough?

Practice under test conditions.

If you can’t think of anything else to say, go to immediate personal experience.

When is the next time you’ll use this object?

Or you can go back and give more details about the story- how you felt when you first got the object, for example.

If you stop too early and the examiner asks you if there is anything else you can say, just reply: “Actually there are a few more details I could add” and keep going.

Your score will be fine for fluency and coherence because you will show that you are flexible in that situation and you will also increase your vocabulary score by taking advantage of a chance to use new phrases.

Leave us a comment below.

Have you used this strategy on Speaking Part 2?

How did it go for you?

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