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"The English Adventurer"

Today you’ll learn about IELTS Writing, and what not to worry about in your essays.

Writing is a skill which has numerous facets– vocabulary, grammar, ideas… the list goes on and on!

However, when practicing for your IELTS Writing Exam, you need to know what might be distracting you from more important skills.

When you stop focusing your efforts on the things listed below, you’ll increase your Writing score!

Using Tons of Impressive Vocabulary

Some students are so anxious about the vocabulary score that they go overboard.

When you try to use too many impressive words, it detracts from clear communication. Your ideas become lost amidst all the words and phrases, and the examiner will have a difficult time understanding your meaning right away.

You want your ideas to be clearly and directly communicated. So, say what you mean!

Of course, you still want to use some high-level words and phrases, just make sure they are appropriate and necessary.

Using Complicated Verb Tenses

The fact is, you can’t choose which verb tense to use. You must use the tense which is required by the time frame of the sentence.


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For instance, when speaking about a time finished in the past, and we know when this action occurred, you must use past simple.

If you try to use past perfect, present perfect, or past continuous, you will most likely be making a grammar mistake.

There are no ‘high-level’ verb tenses. The rare ones, such as past perfect, are just that: rare. They describe a very specific time and fit in a very specific structure, and, most likely, you will not use them in your writing and speaking.

So, don’t try to get ‘fancy’ or complicated with your verb tenses. Use the ones which are suitable, or there will be more grammar errors.

Fitting in a lot of Ideas

We are very direct in English, in writing and speaking.

In order to score highly for Task and Cohesion/Coherence, your ideas must be clear and well supported.

This means that you simply cannot include more than 2 ideas in each paragraph, because the ideas must be supported by examples and details.

In fact, including just one reason and supporting this with strong and specific examples and details is enough for a body paragraph.

What is worrying you in your IELTS Writing preparation?

Leave us a question in the comments section below!

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