Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

When a colleague has an interesting business idea, you should acknowledge it!

This builds connection and will strengthen your network.

However, you need the vocabulary and phrases to acknowledge good ideas.

Listen in today and learn phrases you can use to commend colleagues on a good idea.

Do you often have good ideas?

Lindsay asks Michelle if she knows anyone who has really good ideas.

Michelle answers everyone from the All Ears English team gives good ideas.

Also her sister-in-law is someone she knows who has interesting ideas because she is creative and intelligent.

In today’s episode, Lindsay and Michelle are going to talk about the phrase “good point.”

This was mentioned in episode BE 247: This Episode Will Help Your Punctuate Correctly. Period.

“Good point” is a common expression that is very useful especially in the workplace when you’re exchanging ideas.

Aside from expressing your agreement, this phrase also commends someone who has shared a good idea.

“Good point” means a view or idea is interesting and useful.

In this phrase ‘point’ refers to an idea.

When you use this phrase, you’re saying you agree with what they said.

It is a way of acknowledging that you appreciate what was said.

Lindsay and Michelle also recorded a related episode about phrases with the word ‘point.’

Check out BE 242: To Your Point: How to Create Cohesion in a Meeting in English

That’s a good point!

Lindsay and Michelle show how the phrase “good point” can be used in daily conversations.

Here are a few examples:

Example #1:

Lindsay: We should delete that picture.
Michelle: Really? I think it’s important to match the text to a visual here.
Lindsay: Ohh good point.

In this instance, Michelle changed Lindsay’s mind.

When you say ‘good point’ it’s good for not breaking a connection when you’re having an exchange of ideas.

A person will be flattered when you say it.

They will likely feel validated that you’re in approval of what they are saying.

Example #2:

Michelle: She didn’t come because she isn’t committed to this company.
Lindsay: That’s a good point, but I think we should give her another chance.

In this example, Lindsay does not agree with what Michelle is saying.

You can use this phrase to acknowledge a point you don’t agree with.

You can still continue the conversation.

Example #3:

Lindsay: You made a good point yesterday when you said we should send the surveys out to a few more people.
Michelle: Thanks, yeah I think we just need to have some more data to make our case stronger.

Using ‘make a good point’ is also acknowledging someone’s idea.

It’s a good way to commend someone for a very good point they made.

Alternative phrases

Here are other similar phrases you can use that mean the same thing:

  • Good suggestion
  • Interesting
  • Good idea
  • Nice

This can be very helpful to ensure you don’t use the same phrases all over.


Here is another roleplay to help you understand how to use the phrases shared in today’s episode.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Michelle are brainstorming ideas at a meeting.

Lindsay: So I just think we need more time and we shouldn’t rush into this new platform.
Michelle: Yeah, but we are really behind our competitors on this.
Lindsay: Good point. Ughhh I’m not sure what to do.
Michelle: What if we see if they have some sort of trial period?
Lindsay: That’s a good suggestion. I’ll get Bobby to give them a call later.
Michelle: Good idea!


Using the phrase ‘good point’ is a great way to connect and give someone credit for their thoughts and ideas.

It is vital to build connections when you’re in the workplace.

Exchanging ideas is very common and you need the vocabulary to acknowledge someone’s idea whether you agree or disagree.

This will build trust and help you strengthen your business network.

What are other phrases you can use to keep the conversation going in the workplace?

Share one in the comments below.

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