Are you looking to get ahead in international business?

It all starts with your LinkedIn profile. In today’s episode, Lindsay welcomes guest Daniel Alfon.

Daniel will share three actions that you can take right now to create a winning profile on Linkedin in English.

Daniel Alfon the Linkedin Expert

Lindsay introduces business executive Daniel Alfon as a guest in today’s episode.

Daniel Alfon is a LinkedIn Consultant.

He has helped thousands of professionals and high-level executives to improve their LinkedIn profiles so that they have more career and networking success.

Lindsay asks Daniel why LinkedIn is so important today in getting the career that you want.

Daniel says that there are more than 800 million subscribers on the platform, and every second there are 2 more new subscribers.

Everyone who is important in business is most likely on LinkedIn, which is why there are a lot of opportunities for you to put yourself out there and market yourself.

What’s On Your Linkedin Profile?

Lindsay then shares with Daniel her own LinkedIn profile and asks him to assess it.

Daniel says Lindsay has added very good elements to her profile.

The first thing he noticed is she has added good links in her featured section that showcase her work and accomplishments.

This encourages others to stay longer in your profile and maybe reach out to you and connect.

A detail Lindsay can improve in her profile is making sure her contact information is aligned with what she wants.

Daniel advises that you want to place the contact number where you want to be reached.

You also have to make sure the link still works and that you put a current contact number and email.

Sometimes people change jobs, but still use their old work email on their profile.

It is important that you keep your profile up to date.

Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re interested in working globally, it is best to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Here are tips from Daniel Alfon to make your Linkedin profile stand out in English.

  • Identify your ideal reader. Envision the specific person and business industry you want to target and view your profile. This is just like building a vision board for a customer persona. You have to think of the industry you want to work in – what does your ideal career look like and who do you want to work for? For example, if you are thinking of switching jobs, you can target hiring managers to notice you.
  • Determine the action you want the reader of your profile to make. If you want them to reach out to you, then make sure that your email can be viewed by people outside your LinkedIn network. This is critical because most of the time, because of privacy settings, your profile may not be seen by others. There are also times that people have to pay to get your details and most of the time they aren’t willing to do that. So it is important to make your LinkedIn profile accessible to the ones outside your network.
  • Don’t target the gatekeeper. Daniel advises that it is best to attract the hiring manager and not the recruiters of the company you want to work in. This will make your timeline shorter in getting to your goal of being hired by a company you want. There’s nothing wrong with skipping the recruiter. But if you get the chance to catch the eye of the hiring manager with your LinkedIn profile, you increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Check your mutual connections. Relationships matter. If you see that a certain hiring manager has a connection with someone you know in your LinkedIn network, it is best to get introduced. This will also make it easier for you to get your foot in the door because you have a common person to connect you.
  • Make a bank of keywords to use. If you are a job seeker, you can go to the jobs page of LinkedIn and view the type of job position that you want to have. Check the keywords used in the job descriptions and use them on your profile. This will help you to be easily searchable by your ideal reader.


In today’s episode, the main takeaway is to be intentional in your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re looking to get opportunities, mastering English is what can make or break your international business dreams.

You get one shot at impressing your target audience so you should take the time to implement the tips Daniel Alfron has shared today.

You can visit Daniel’s website,, and get more tips and resources on how you can present yourself better on LinkedIn.

Who is the reader you are targeting in your LinkedIn profile?

Share it in the comments below and some of our All Ears English listeners may be targeting the same thing.

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