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American politics

There are things going on in the news right now that we want to talk about.

Though we don’t get into politics often, this is a very important issue to discuss.

We also want you to be able to know how to talk through these issues with the right terms.

Knowing how to talk about current events and share your feelings makes for great connections.

We’re going to show you how to talk about these things and how to have deeper talks moving forward.


A Very Important Time In Our History and Culture

So you may have heard a little bit about what is happening right now as it pertains to Christine Blasey Ford and the Judge Kavanaugh hearing.

Christine Blasey Ford came forward to speak to her sexual misconduct allegations against Judge Kavanaugh for things that happened years ago.

He is accused of sexual misconduct and for being inappropriate with her when they were back in school.

He is nominated to the Supreme Court and so these hearings are very important.

Everyone is watching these hearings to see what happens and what the outcome will be.

If he is confirmed to the Supreme Court it’s for years and it can affect so many different things and rulings.

This is truly history in the making, and so people are watching very closely, and there are a lot of conversations happening around this.


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How Did This All Come About?

A story like this is not new for there were sexual misconduct allegations surrounding Clarence Thomas when he was nominated and then elected to the Supreme Court.

Things are a bit different now as women are more likely to come forward and be met with more acceptance.

The #MeToo movement allows women to move forward with their sexual harassment or violence claims.

They feel that they can come out and speak freely about these things when they never felt that comfort before.

Women used to be ridiculed if they came forward with these allegations, and now they feel that they can stand up and speak about what really happened.

That’s what helped or encouraged Christine Blasey Ford to come forward, and so this outcome will help to define it one way or another.

Whatever comes of this is going to say a lot about where we’re at in our culture, as there are so many things tied to this.


Helpful Phrases To Talk About Deeper Issues

There is a lot of vocabulary around this and tools to have these conversations about governments and deeper topics.

You will hear these phrases in the news a lot, and so once you understand what they mean you can use them in your conversations.

  • Pivotal Moment: Things can change in opposite directions and you don’t know where it’s going to go. This is very true about these hearings because things can change dramatically and it can set the tone for so much in the future.
  • Sending a Message: This means that whatever comes out of this will tell a lot to our culture and society about how such things are handled. You are telling people a lot with such an outcome or the way that things transpire.
  • Speaking Up: To voice your opinion strongly. To speak up means that you are coming forward to say what’s on your mind in spite of the fact that you may get backlash or there may be consequences.
  • Civic Duty: It’s an obligation and much depends upon it. It’s your obligation to fulfill your duty as a citizen of this government. In this situation, she came forward because she felt that it was her civic duty or responsibility because he was elected to the highest court and it needed to be put out there.
  • Have Your Day In Court: This means that you will get your day to be judged or the truth will come out at some point. The evidence will be out and people can make their decision about you. This can be used literally or symbolically, like if you are saying that the facts will be heard and you can prove that you are correct.

These hearings are an example of something going on that allows you to have a deeper meaningful conversation.

These terms help to prepare you for how you can talk about something deeper with somebody.



It’s a very important time in our culture and society.

Knowing how to talk about these things helps you to have more meaningful conversations.

This all ties into making great connections, and having the right things to say is a big part of that.

Now you know how to get into deeper conversations about current events and to be a part of something bigger.


If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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