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Do you agree that the most difficult thing when learning a language is finding material with multiple speakers in a real conversation?

Aubrey agrees with this and this is why the All Ears English Team has started a series of podcasts of group conversations that students can use and practice their English skills well conversation becomes fast-paced and realistic.

Michelle, Lindsay, Aubrey, and Jessica talk about this different Sci-fi technology that would be really cool to have in real life.

Listen to this conversation with multiple speakers made by the team and practice your English so you can confidently build up your skills.

Are You A Sci-Fi Fan?

Sci-Fi stands for Science Fiction.

This is a genre in movies, books, and many more forms of media.

Jessica and Aubrey are big fans of this genre.

Jessica asks the rest of the All Ears English team if they are interested in Sci-fi.

Michelle shares that she recently watched West World and she isn’t really enthusiastic about it.

She liked it and did not like it at the same time.

Honestly, Sci-fi is not her biggest thing.

When she thinks of Sci-fi, the first thing she thinks about is the Jetsons.

She is reminded how cool it would be to have a robot maid and dog and live in a world where you don’t have to worry about where to park your car because you can just fold it up and place it in your suitcase.

Aside from that, she does not think much about it.

What Sci-Fi Things Interest You?

Jessica recently re-watched the movie The Running Man, which is one of her favorite futuristic movies made in the ’80s.

She watched it with two 10-year-old kids who found it very amusing because the film was set in the year 2017.

It had a lot of predictions of what the world would look like in the year 2017 and it looked ridiculous because we aren’t even close to what they thought it would be at that time.

Lindsay has seen a lot of good Sci-fi movies and read several books.

What piques her interest the most are the advanced technology being built now that is slowly becoming a staple in life rather than the far-out ideas in movies and books.

She mentions the podcast she listened to that mentioned Elon Musk’s Starship project.

This is where he is building towards taking cargo and people into outer space.

This is something that is slowly becoming a reality more than Sci-Fi.

Other things that Lindsay mentions are the technological advances that now enable you to order food through your refrigerator or the use of Alexa or listening to podcasts in your car.

Sci-fi is Aubrey’s favorite genre.

She shares about the Netflix series, Black Mirror on Netflix.

It shows you the Sci-fi technology that could go wrong.

There is an episode where people have perfect recall wherein they can look back at their memories, play it back, and project it.

All team members agree that it is very dangerous especially for couples who are having arguments.

What Sci-Fi Technology Will Make Life Easier?

Here are a few Sci-fi technological advancements mentioned by the All Ears English team that they find cool:

  • Forecasting the Weather
  • Food Generator
  • High-speed Transportation

Aubrey thinks about the flying cars and gravity boots in the movie Back to the Future.

She also mentions the scene where the weatherman in the movie can share the forecast of the weather down to the minute.

When she watched this when she was younger she was really fascinated by it.

Now, we have an hourly forecast of the weather that is somewhat accurate.

It is fun to see how far along some of the Sci-fi ideas can become a reality in a few years.

Jessica thinks about the food generator in the movie, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It is a device where you push a button and it makes whatever meal you want.

Michelle thinks about improvements in transportation that will get you from point A to point B much easier and faster.

There may be a negative to that.

Aubrey says that currently there is a project to create a high-speed train from California to Arizona.

At the speed that they want to achieve, there may be a risk of numerous fatal accidents.

The Dangers of Technology

There will always be disadvantages to technology It can never be perfect.

There is a lot of talk about creators of certain applications and technology wherein they are hated for not foreseeing the dangers of their creations.

Some may have been questioned and sanctioned by the government.

The creators of these things started with good intentions but it’s not their job to take care of how society uses their creation.

They are visionaries and they just hope for the best of what they are offering to the world.

There must be a collaboration with the visionary and the government for a sound implementation of these technological advancements.

Jessica mentions a Youtube episode the All Ears English team has done regarding true crime and technology.

You can watch it here.

Lindsay is a sentimental person and finds it cool where you can snap your fingers and immerse yourself back in a memory or a moment you want to go back to.

You will get a better sense of your life if you have a chance to go back and review it.

Jessica finds this familiar and reminds her about the movie entitled Defending Your Life.

In that movie, there is a process where the dead defend their life by watching a playback of their life and using it to prove they are good people when they were alive.


Even if you are not a fan of science fiction, there are many stories and ideas that can come up from this topic and this is a common topic that many native speakers might discuss in casual conversation.

You can exercise your creative ideas and share what you think about them.

You can participate in the conversation and expand your horizon about the future and technology.

Start an English conversation with your friends and family about Sci-fi technology while you get to practice your English language skills.

What is the sci-fi thing you wish were true?

How would it improve your life?

Share it with us in the comments down below.

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