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Today let’s talk about reading!

Reading is a great way to go deeper with your English skills and focus in on the right activities to get results when it comes to connection.

Find out how to do it with our guest Matthew Ing today.

Matt has been an English teacher for 6 years and he works with all kinds of students.

Matt believes that reading is super important if you are trying to reach fluency and connection in English because it’s where you can see the language in context.

Today Matt is going to show us 3 tips on how you can improve your English using reading.

3 tips on reading for fluency:

  • Tip 1) Read according to your level: Make sure you find reading suitable for your level. Try Graded Readers. Amazon has a lot of them. You can find different levels depending on how many words you know. It will allow you to read classic stories that native speakers read. This will be helpful because you’ll get cultural references if you are able to read these classic works of literature.
  • Tip 2) Make sure that you write down new words that you find: Once you have written them down try to make some sentences. Write three sentences using the word. Use your dictionary to help you check the meaning. Try to guess the meaning before you grab the dictionary.
  • Tip 3) Do it regularly but just a little bit each time: You can read for just a few minutes each day but make sure you do it regularly. It’s better to do 20 minutes per day than 3 hours on a Saturday.

Matthew Bio:

Matthew is a 29 year-old ESL teacher from South East England.

Matt is a friendly, passionate teacher with six years of teaching experience online and in the classroom. 

Other than teaching he also enjoys watching football and reading.

What questions do you have about today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.

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