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In today’s episode, Charlie Baxter will share with you three ways that you can reconnect with your creativity when you learn English.

He will give you 3 tips to help you connect with your creative side in his conversation today with Lindsay.

He will also show you how to tap into your passion and purpose.

This will give you more success in language learning and life.

Listen in today as Lindsay interviews Charlie so you can learn new things to keep your creativity alive.

Who is Charlie Baxter?

Charlie Baxter is the host and creator of the British English Podcast and Academy.

He has been on Youtube as an English teacher since 2016.

He has also recently built an app to streamline his online courses and vocabulary for people to enjoy.

Lindsay asks Charlie if he can remember a time when he reconnected with his creativity.

Charlie answered yes and said it happened to him just recently.

Cricket coach failure

He reminisces about the time he was growing up and he didn’t really know what his passion was.

He wasn’t really in a place of creativity when he was younger.

He didn’t really know what he enjoyed doing.

He tried coaching cricket and did not love it.

He knew his passion lay elsewhere.

Recently he has been in a creative flow because he is now in a place where he has found purpose.

He is passionate about what he is doing now.

British stoicism

Lindsay asks Charlie why it is weird for a British person to say he has found his purpose or passion.

Charlie says that it’s because Brits are often seen as very stoic.

They often lack expressions on their faces or may seem a little bit emotionless.

He further explains that sharing too many emotions as a British person reminds him of how Americans are and he loves them for it.

Americans are very passionate and reactive which has brought the whole world a lot of entertainment and great works of art.

Three Tips to Reconnect With Creativity

Charlie shares 3 tips for us to reconnect with our creativity to attain success in language learning and in life.

#1: Do not think of creativity as binary

Lindsay mentioned that we all are creative as kids.

It’s innate in us.

Charlie mentions Sir Ken Robinson who has transformed education in many ways.

Sir Ken Robinson did a Ted Talk about finding your element.

Charlie focuses on the paperclip study mentioned in the talk by Sir Ken Robinson.

In the study, they give out paper clips to different people of different ages.

They asked them how many ways they can use the same paperclip.

Astoundingly, the 5-year-olds gave more creative ideas than the adults.

We are all creative in our own way and society may have taught us to have boundaries around our creativity.

#2: Put yourself in a constant state of flow.

To achieve a state of flow, you have to get the basics covered.

This means you need to have enough sleep, eat healthily, and keep your body moving.

Without having to worry about the basics, your mind becomes clear and you can focus on establishing your flow.

You can then do what you are passionate about.

Lindsay shares that podcasting is where she finds her flow.

That is her passion and she enjoys it.

#3: Bring your passion into language learning

Charlie mentions that he is trying to learn Spanish.

He sometimes struggles to get in the flow of learning it.

He shared a method he does to join what he enjoys doing with learning a new language.

This was inspired by Sir Ken Robinson as well.

First, you have to write a list of all the activities you do in your life.

Next, choose an activity and think about the skill needed to do that activity.

You can then sort them from skills you are good at and not good at.

In the end, you’ll end up with a list of skills you are good at.

You can use it to help you get to the flow state and figure out what you need to learn.


Today’s tips will help you to ignite the fire of your passion and creativity.

Remember that we all have creativity in us.

We just have to find it and know how to use it towards learning new things.

This includes learning a new language.

Don’t be bound by what society has told you.

You are the only one that can get in your way!

If you implement these tips shared by Charlie Baxter, you will achieve success in life and language learning.

You can visit the British English Podcast to learn more about Charlie Baxter.

Charlie’s Bio:

Charlie is the host and creator of The British English Podcast & Academy.

He has also been an active YouTube English Teacher since 2016 but after seeing how many of his students wanted a more structured, carefully designed way to study he decided to create The British English Podcast Academy which focuses on British culture, day-to-day phrases, pronunciation and a fun way to learn advanced grammar.

Go here to download Charlie’s free 5-step creativity exercise.

You can also watch Charlie’s You Tube Channel Real English with Real Teachers

Which tip will you incorporate into your routine to find your creativity?

Share it with us in the comments below.

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