Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Have you ever heard people make food references that you didn’t really understand in English?

Do you want to know how to use some of these common phrases?

Today we’re talking about some fun food idioms. Using idioms like these will make your English more interesting and it will make it easier to connect with natives,

There are some “ESL textbook idioms” like “piece of cake,” but those are the boring ones that native speakers don’t use that much.

We’re going to talk about four very common food idioms and how you can use them properly in conversation.

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Food Idioms Are A Common Part of Conversation

Talking about food can actually be fun, but these are idioms so they are slightly different.

They help you to take the language on in a totally different context.

These four food idioms are used commonly, and they are fun ones so they can make for a great starting point.

  • Icing on the Cake: This is used a lot, and when we’re talking about cake we tend to be talking about good things. This means that it’s an extra positive that you didn’t expect or plan for. It’s something above and beyond what you were intending, and therefore it works out even better than you thought. Things worked out in the best possible way, and it’s a really great thing–a further positive!
  • It’s All Gravy: It has a similar meaning to say it’s all additional good stuff. It may mean “it’s all good” or that sort of vibe. Everything is good and the extra stuff is great, even though you didn’t expect it. May not be used as much as “icing on the cake” but it works just the same.
  • A Smart Cookie: It means that you are on top of everything and pulled together. You are articulate, well put together, and so smart. You are somebody that people want to be like because you seem to be very good at what you do. You are essentially on top of your game!
  • The Cream of the Crop: You rise to the top, you are the very best of the best. It may be in athletics as that’s where you tend to hear it a lot. It may be academically or even related to other achievements. It means that you rise to the top, that you are the best, or that you are among the top of the contenders or competitors. Ultimately it means the best of the best!

These four food idioms can be fun to use in conversation and help you to master your English skills in a great way.


There are plenty of food idioms out there, and they can really help to make your conversations fun.

Try using these and see how they can easily fit into your conversations for a nice boost and better connections.

They can help you to practice using different phrases that will really resonate with native English speakers.

This is how you excel in your own English speaking, and how you make important connections as well.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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