Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

start English conversations All Ears EnglishDo you want to make friends when you travel to the US? Do you want to start English conversations easily and quickly?

Don’t be lonely when you travel in the United States!

Today we’ll give you 4 phrases to use when you come to the US and you want to make some American friends.

One of our listeners asked us this question so please send in your questions if you have one!


Situation 1- We are at a cafe:

Key phrase: “Have you tried the ____?”

Please listen to the episode to get the full conversation!


Situation 2- You are at a local party:

Key phrase: “Hey I’m new to Boston. What should I see while I’m here.”

Listen to the episode to get the conversation


Situation 3- We are on a day tour:

Key phrase: “What brings you to Boston.”

Listen to the episode to get the conversation


Situation 4- At a bed and breakfast:

Key phrase: “What or where have you been exploring?” “Do you have any suggestions?”

Listen to the episode to get the conversation



Leave a comment!

Which phrase have you tried using while traveling?

How did it go?

Let us know your strategies for starting a conversation while traveling!

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