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how to say congratulations in English

Do you have a friend who got a new job or other accomplishment?

Do you want to find the right words to say to congratulate them in English?

Sometimes you want to go above and beyond just saying “congratulations” and you may want to make it more personal.

We’re going to look at different ways to show your excitement, to congratulate them, and to make them feel connected to you in this situation.

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Cause For Celebration

There are going to be times that you want to congratulate others in your life.

This is true when somebody that you know finds a new job.

Did somebody in your life get a new job?

How can you tailor your response to show your excitement for them?

This is about complimenting but then thinking of unique ways to make the compliment more personal.

A birthday is another great milestone to celebrate with somebody.

It’s their special day and you want to show excitement for them.

You want the right thing to say, as well as use the right tone to convey the message in English.

There will be occasions such as a new job or even a birthday where you want to let the person know you are happy for them.

Now you will know how to convey that in the perfect way.

Personalizing A Compliment or Celebration

There are many different reasons as to why you might celebrate a friend throughout their life.

When a friend gets a big new job, this is a reason to celebrate.

  • You might call them a “fancy pants” which means a big deal or that you are impressed with them for this accomplishment.
  • If somebody gets a job that perfectly suits them, then you might say “that is right up your alley.”

That’s a very visual phrase that helps to make a true connection, because it shows that you understand who they are and what they want.

It’s like taking it to another level and being intentional with your response to this person.

Itt shows that you really know them and so you are happy that they found something that’s a good match for them.

You are really tuning into the person you are talking to in a very special way.

  • You could say “makes perfect sense” which is to say it all comes together well.

You might wonder where the subject is in this instance–in a context like this it makes sense and is used in this way in conversation a lot.

This also goes towards how well you know this person that you are talking to.

The better that you know the person, the more the grammar rules go away.

You can speak to them informally and you aren’t as focused on the grammar.

  • You might also say “that is so you” which shows that you recognize who they are and that this is a wonderful fit for them.

Congratulating Somebody Is Important

How can you say “congratulations” in a special way?

Way to go: It’s used often and it shows great encouragement to the person you are talking to. It’s a great form of positive reinforcement and makes the person feel good about what they did. You can follow it up with the action that they performed or what they did to earn this accomplishment or compliment.

Words of affirmation: These can be special and unique ways of showing that you are excited for or proud of somebody. These can include specific compliments or personal recognition. These may be customized or catered to the individual or the situation that they are in. It’s a compliment, but also something that can show that you know this person and what they have done. You are celebrating them in a special and unique way!

There are so many different ways to congratulate somebody when they have something big or important happen in their life.

You want to use the right words and phrases to help celebrate them or congratulate them on their accomplishment.

The right words or phrases can help them to feel good, and can really show that you know this person well.


When something big happens to somebody that you know, you want to celebrate them.

You want to show them that you are proud of them or excited for them.

These words and phrases can help them to feel good, but can also show that you really know them and you are taking it to another level.

Try one of these phrases out when a friend has a big accomplishment to celebrate–and see how this makes them feel so great and so connected to you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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