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When you attend a house warming party, what can you say in English to the host about their home to get the best possible connection and to start a great conversation?

Listen to today’s episode to learn a lot of English vocabulary you can use to start a conversation when you go to a house warming party.

Lindsay Just Moved House

Michelle congratulates Lindsay for moving into their new home.

She then asks Lindsay if she will have a housewarming party?

Before they discuss more in detail, what is a house warming party?

Lindsay explains that a housewarming party is when someone gets a new house and move in, they then invite friends over to show them the new house.

Guests would come and bring gifts. They might have a meal together or appetizers and drinks.

Lindsay hasn’t finished the unpacking but they are thinking of having a party.

What You Can Say At A Housewarming Party

Getting a new house or moving into a new place is a big deal.

Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss what you can say and do when you are a guest at a housewarming party.

With Lindsay, she would hold her house warming party outdoors and have a barbecue.

She would love to put up a fire and gather her loved ones around and just enjoy each other’s company.

She is not much into going around the house and touring her guests.

If they did ask, she would do the tour but it wouldn’t be the most important thing in her mind.

Lindsay and Michelle recently shared in All Ears English episode 1729 different things you can say to put your guests at ease as the host of a housewarming party.

Listen in on that if you’re interested to learn new vocabulary used by native English speakers to welcome guests to your home.

Start A Conversation At A House Warming Party

Here are some things you can say as guests at a housewarming party and start a conversation with other guests and the homeowners.

  • Happy housewarming!

This is very straightforward and can be versatile.

You can put “happy” on everything at the beginning and use it as a greeting at any occasion or celebration.

  • Wow, this place is so great!

This is a good way to simply compliment the house.

In American culture, they put a lot of effort and value into building their homes.

It’s good to commend the hosts and acknowledge the interior of the home and the time and effort they put in to add more value to their homes.

They invited you as a guest and your validation is important to them.

  • I love what you’ve done with the…. (kitchen, lighting, etc.)

In this compliment, you are putting more effort into your compliment.

You are noticing a specific detail in their home and letting them know you appreciate it.

This phrase can also be used sarcastically when someone needs to clean up their home.

So you have to be careful about the tone you use and be genuine when you compliment a specific space in their home.

  • This space is so…(add an adjective like, bright, welcoming, big, etc.)

Making a comment about a specific space that would invite suggestions to either improve or maintain the look and feel of the home is always welcomed by any host.

When someone is doing a house warming party, aside from sharing what they built, they would also love to hear constructive feedback from the guests.

  • This is a great spot for… (entertaining, parties, relaxing, etc.)

Just like the previous term “this space is so…”, this term can also start a conversation by making a suggestion to make the place even more beautiful.

Feedback from a guest will be very much appreciated by any host and would help them get more ideas to add more value to their home.

What Else You Can Comment on in a Home as a Guest

There are other ways for you to start a conversation when you are at a housewarming party.

You can positively comment on different things like lighting, renovations, spaces, and even decorating choices.

Traditionally in a house warming party, the host will take you on a tour of their home.

This would be a great time to talk to other guests and even engage with the hosts and maybe you can find ideas for décor in your own home.

This is an opportunity for you to connect with other people ad build that relationship.

Use the terms shared by Lindsay and Michelle today so you can better express yourself as a guest at a housewarming party.


The setting is where Michelle is at Lindsay’s housewarming party.

Lindsay: Welcome! Hi!

Michelle: Hi Lindsay! Happy housewarming!

Lindsay: Thank you! Would you like a tour?

Michelle: Yes please! Wow this place is so great!

Lindsay: Thanks! so here is the living room

Michelle: Oh wow. This space is so bright and cheerful. I love how your couch looks in here!

Lindsay: Ow thanks. And here is the kitchen

Michelle: Oowww I love what you’ve done with the cabinets. What a great renovation.

Lindsay: Thanks! We are pretty happy with it!

Michelle: Wow look at this little coffee nook. This is a great spot for a morning coffee.

Lindsay: Yes we have been sitting here every morning!


When you are at a housewarming party make sure to make the host feel good.

Think about what is important to them and comment on it.

The way to connect with others is to care about what they care about.

They invited you as a guest and don’t miss out on the opportunity to make that connection by going out and starting a conversation in English.

Use the terms that Lindsay and Michelle shared today and be confident with interacting with other native English speakers.

In a housewarming party tour, what part of the house do you look forward to seeing and why?

Share in the comment down below and we’d love to see you use the phrases that Lindsay and Michelle have shared in today’s episode.

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