Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you believe in signs?

Today, Lindsay and Michelle share how the word “sign” is used in different ways in the English language.

Listen in and take the opportunity to diversify your vocabulary and improve your conversation skills.

Did You See the Sign?

Michelle asks Lindsay if she believes in receiving a sign or seeing a sign to make a decision?

Lindsay says yes, she believes in this.

It doesn’t necessarily mean she waits for a sign to take action.

She may have gone through the process to arrive at a final decision and when she sees a sign it can push her toward the choice that relates to that sign.

Another way a sign could help is when a decision has already been made and then you see a sign, it makes you more confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Michelle clarifies that they aren’t talking about actual signage like a stop or yield sign.

In this episode, Lindsay and Michelle talk about a metaphorical symbol that you can think of as guiding you.

Seen Any Signs Lately?

Lindsay asks Michelle if she has seen signs lately.

Michelle shares examples of signs that serve as a warning.

She is reminded of the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette.

There is a line that says “it’s like rain on your wedding day,” which may mean that it’s a sign that you shouldn’t go through with the wedding.

Lindsay shares that she used to use songs in her English classes in New York.

She would print out the lyrics to the songs “Ironic” and “Hotel California.”

She gives an example of another sign when you were planning to go somewhere but you’re hesitant to leave.

Then a snow storm hits and you get the realization that is a sign that you definitely shouldn’t continue planning your trip.


Lindsay and Michelle do several roleplays to show you how to use the word “sign” in various scenarios.

Along with each roleplay is a quick explanation.

Take note of each roleplay to better understand how to properly use it when you try it out yourself.

Roleplay #1

Lindsay: I really don’t know if I should get a dog or not.

Michelle: I know, it’s tough.

Lindsay: Aww look at that adorable puppy. Wow its owner looks so happy!

Michelle: See Lindsay, it’s a sign!

Lindsay: You’re right!

In this scenario, Lindsay is deciding whether she should get her own puppy.

Its a sign that she saw a cute puppy while they were talking, so she went ahead and finally get a puppy.

Roleplay #2

Michelle: Wow I never thought I’d be eating in an igloo.

Lindsay: Yeah Michelle. It’s definitely a sign of the times.

The term “a sign of the times” means something that is significant to a specific period of time.

Lindsay mentions the pandemic where people are wearing face masks.

They are travelling and taking photos with their masks on.

When the time comes that the pandemic is over, we look back at photos where we have face masks on and easily we could determine what year that was in.

Michelle adds that the changes in music or artists can also be a sign of the times.

Roleplay #3

Michelle: Ok so what do I need to do now?

Lindsay: Just sign your name and we are good to go!

Lindsay shares the phrase “I need your John Hancock”, which means they need your signature.

It’s the same as saying “sign your name.”

Roleplay #4

Lindsay: What’s your sign?

Michelle: Capricorn!

Lindsay: Ooo I can tell you so much about that.

The way the word “sign” is used in this roleplay talks about astrology.

Lindsay asks Michelle if she is familiar with astrology.

Michelle says she doesn’t know much about it but she is curious and interested to learn more about it.

Why Are We Interested in Signs?

Michelle asks Lindsay what is interesting about learning about signs.

Lindsay says that people want to know where we belong.

It is part of being human is to know themselves and try to find groups that are similar to them.

Michelle also adds that it is interesting to learn about other people as well.

Astrology is a fun way to connect with others because the concept of it is grouping people with similarities based on their sign.

In this episode, Michelle asks Lindsay if her signature has changed over the years.

Lindsay shares that her signature is similar to a squiggle.

It is not very sophisticated.

Michelle shares that her signature has changed through the years.

She played with the names of her kids and figure out what their signatures would look like in the future.


Lindsay and Michelle have given you great topic ideas using the word “sign.”

All of these examples are useful and common.

Astrology is a topic that a lot of people can relate to.

Try out the examples discussed in today’s episode to start an interesting conversation in English.

It will also help you build better connections with others and bring you closer to higher fluency and communication in English.

Were you looking for a sign for you to start or stop doing something?

Share your story of signs in the comments below and maybe someone can give you the sign you are looking for.

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