make versus do in English, All Ears EnglishWhat’s the difference between do and make in English?

Do you make something, or do you do it?

Today, in #3 of our Top 15 Fixes, we talk about the difficulty of distinguishing when to use these two verbs!


Many English learners have difficulty using do and make, often because they are directly translating from their own language. But native English speakers make it even more difficult.  Even though there are some basic rules for using these verbs, native speakers tend to break them.


Make usually means to create something, from the ground up. Some examples include:

  • Making food, a drink, or anything requiring ingredients
  • Making friends (creating friendships)
  • Making the bed or table (putting things together)
  • Making a phone call, or making mistakes


Do usually relates more to a responsibility, an action or a job. Some examples include:

  • Doing dinner, coffee or drinks (something you do together, with others)
  • Doing homework, or doing the dishes (doing a job or work)
  • Doing someone a favor
  • Doing your best


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What do you make?

What do you do?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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