Fuji, The English future tense can be tricky.

Today, in #11 of our countdown of the Top 15 Fixes in English series, we’ll be discussing the most common mistake with the future tense of English!

When you want to talk in English about something you will do in the future, remember that one “will” is enough.

If you are going to meet your friend tomorrow, and you want to tell them you will call them when you arrive, you should not say, “When I will be there, I will call you.”  This is too many “wills”, but also two separate ideas.

The rule for a sentence like this is: Present Tense + Future Tense.  A correct version of the sentence would read, “When I arrive, I will call you,” or “When I am there, I will call you.”


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Have you had any trouble with the future tense of English?

Tell us about in the comments section below!


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