Lindsay McMahon
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how to ask like a native English speakerLearn how to ask about someone’s New Year’s Eve plans like a native English speaker!

Here are some phrases that you heard in yesterday’s Meeting Monday:

  • To ring in the New Year (expression): To celebrate the beginning of a new year. “How are you going to ring in the New Year this year?”
  • Iconic (adjective): Traditional, typical. An “iconic” image of New York city is the Statue of Liberty
  • Must-see (adjective): Something that must be seen for a visitor or is mandatory because it is so important or famous. Times Square is a must-see place in New York if you are a visitor.
  • To deal with (verb): To take action with something (this has a negative connotation). “I don’t want to deal with the crowds in New York on New Year’s Eve”


If you tried these phrases, tell us how your conversation went.

Leave a message for us in the comments and we’ll respond to you!


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