Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

English at workToday we’ll show you how to answer a key question about your performance at work in English plus 3 other common English expressions!

Yesterday we talked about your New Year’s English reverse resolutions.

The key phrase from this episode was:

“How did it go?”

What does this phrase mean? It means “what happened?” When someone asks you this, they want to know if something went well or not.

Ways to answer this question:

  • “Great!”
  • “Awesome”
  • “Amazing”
  • “It went so well”
  • “It was all right”
  • “Not bad”
  • “OK”
  • “More or less”
  • “I’m sure next time will be better.”
  • “It could have been better.”


Three bonus phrases:

  • “To give yourself credit” : To recognize your efforts, to get recognition
  • “To put a spin on something” : To give something your own unique perspective or thoughts, making something slightly different, to take a reverse point of view on something
  • “To take off” : Meaning 1: To succeed, Meaning 2: To leave the ground (airplane), Meaning 3: To leave a place or an event, Meaning 4: To remove clothing (hat, shoes)


Thanks for listening and reading today!

Good luck in the new year!

Have you tried these phrases at work yet?

Let us know if you try them and tell us how it goes!

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