Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

In today’s episode you’ll learn how to talk about the things that you regret using a great American English idiom.

You’ll also get a few more English idioms about eyes and eyesight.

Earlier this summer we learned a few other expressions such as “long story short”  and “worse comes to worst.”

Here is today’s key expression: “Hindsight is (always) 20/20.”

What does it mean?

It’s related to the concept of eyesight.

When eyesight is 20/20 it means that we have perfect vision.

We use this when we talk about things that we regret.

When we look back on something it becomes clear that we took the wrong action and we know what the right action would have been.

However, we didn’t know it at the time and maybe we couldn’t have known it.


More idioms with “eyesight”

  • An eye-opener: Something that is shocking or sobering, something that surprises you. “Arianna Huffington had an eye-opening experience when she passed out on her desk one day due to lack of sleep.”
  •  To see eye to eye: To agree with someone, to see things the same way someone else sees them. “Do you see eye to eye with your fiance when it comes to wedding planning?”


Try using these idioms in your own sample sentences.

We want to see your examples in the comments below.

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