AEE 393: The One HUGE Mistake You’re Making When You Ask for Directions in English

how to ask for directions in English

Are you making this huge mistake when you ask for directions in English?

Stop making this mistake now!

What’s the mistake?

Many English learners approach English speakers and ask, “Charles River?” or “Brooklyn Bridge?”

It is lazy and can sound rude when you just use the name of your destination as your question.

You need to add more details and make your questions a bit more nuanced in order to come off as polite and friendly.

In today’s episode we’ll show you some better ways to ask for directions in English.

Here are some better ways to ask directions in English:

  • “Hi where is the Charles River?”
  • “How do I get to the Charles River?”
  • “What’s the best way to get to the Charles River?”
  • “Hi is the Charles River nearby?”


Leave us your sample sentences in the comments!

Ask us how to get somewhere and practice.

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  • 1) Mollie : Hi where is the Boston Night Club ?
    Lindsay : Just around the corner .
    2) Mollie : How do I get to the Flatiron Building ?
    Michelle : Go straight ahead . It’s on your right . It’s a triangular structure .
    3) Mollie : What’s the best way to get to the Boston Museum ?
    Lindsay : Walk down two blocks . The Museum is on the left side of Hilton Street .
    4) Mollie : Hi is the Happy Diner nearby ?
    Michelle : Yes , it is . It is across from Holiday Inn . It’s on Main Avenue .

  • Argenis

    Awesome tips , thanks so much for sharing