Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Don’t just say, “I don’t like it.” You want to mix it up and say something more interesting to connect with people.

Today get five interesting ways to say this in English.

Today we are not talking about what we say when we are actually in a restaurant.

Today’s phrases can be used when you are just generally talking about your food likes and dislikes with your friends.

Five Ways to Say You Don’t Like a Kind of Food:

  • “I don’t care for wine”: This sounds a bit more formal, polite, respectful and articulate. Use this in a more formal situation with your colleagues at a business lunch.
  • “I don’t like olives” : This is very direct and casual. We could use this around people we know well or around kids.
  • “I’m not a huge fan of licorice”
  • “Corn on the cob is/are not my thing.”
  • “I usually pass on burgers”
  • “I’m going to pass on the bread” : This can be used if we are at the dinner table and we don’t want to eat something but this could come off as rude if you are in a more formal situation or if the person has put in a lot of work cooking the meal so be careful with this one.

Listen to the episode to hear the expressions being used between Lindsay and Michelle.

What other ways do you know to say that you dislike something in English?

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