Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you get confused about how to use “other,” “another,” and “others” in English?

Our listener Naomi wrote in and asked us how to use these three words.

Great question!


We use this to talk about one more. We use it with a singular noun.

  • “I want another plate of food”
  • “I’ll have another beer”
  • “Let’s take another question”



We use this with a plural noun.

  • “There are other people here.”
  • “I want to see other people”
  • “Are there any other options?”



This takes the place of the noun that comes after “other.”

Instead of saying , “other people” you can just say “the others.”



Listen to the episode to get more examples.

Write your examples in the comments below.

Do you have any follow up questions?

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