AEE 454: Why You Should Prioritize Travel, Trips, and Tours for a Happier Life

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What is the difference between the words “travel,” “trip,” and “tour”?

Today we’ll answer this question from a listener and we’ll talk about our top “bittersweet” travel memories.

“I read a passage about “trekking” and I am confused about the words “travel,” “tour,” and “trip.” Can you tell me the differences between these words?

-AEE Listener


  • Travel: This is used as a verb most of the time. Sometimes you can say “I love travel” and in that case you use it as a noun. If we use it in the plural form we can say “During your travels who did you meet?”


  • Trip: This is an event. It’s cohesive and there is a beginning and an end to it. “On your trip what did you do?” Sometimes we use this as a metaphor. We say “It’s been quite a trip” and this means it has been a crazy situation with a person or an adventure.


  • Tour: This is an excursion you can take when you are on a trip. You can travel and be on a trip but choose not to take a tour.


Listen to the episode to hear how these three words are used in a real English conversation.


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