AEE 477: Did You Sleep Like a Rock or Did You Toss and Turn All Night? How to Talk About Sleep in English

talk about sleep in English

Do you know how to talk about sleep in English?

It’s a key topic that you can use with your family, friends, or even colleagues.

Today you’ll get phrases in English to talk about sleep.

How to say how you slept well:

  • “I slept like a rock”
  • “I was out cold”
  • “I was out like a light”
  • “I slept like a log”
  • “I slept like a baby”
  • “I feel so refreshed”
  • “I slept well”


How to say you didn’t sleep well:

  • “I tossed and turned all night”
  • “I feel like a zombie”
  • “I had a rough night”


How to talk about going to sleep:

  • “To drift off”
  • “To doze off”
  • “To fall asleep”: To actually begin to sleep
  • “To go to sleep”: This could mean going to bed
  • “To get some shut-eye” : I am going to get some shut-eye. I will email you back in the morning

*Listen to the conversation in the episode to hear Lindsay and Michelle using these phrases in a natural way.

What other phrases do you use when you talk about sleep?

Let us know in the comments.

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  • 1) I feel so refreshed today . I slept like a rock ( log , baby ) . I was really out cold / like a light . I slept very well .
    2) I feel so sleepy now . I tossed and turned all night . I was like a zombie . I had a very rough night .
    3) I drifted / dozed off ( fell asleep ) after dinner yesterday . Then I went to sleep / bed early . I had to get some shut-eye quickly .