Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you know how to talk about sleep in English?

It’s a key topic that you can use with your family, friends, or even colleagues.

Today you’ll get phrases in English to talk about sleep.

How to say how you slept well:

  • “I slept like a rock”
  • “I was out cold”
  • “I was out like a light”
  • “I slept like a log”
  • “I slept like a baby”
  • “I feel so refreshed”
  • “I slept well”


How to say you didn’t sleep well:

  • “I tossed and turned all night”
  • “I feel like a zombie”
  • “I had a rough night”


How to talk about going to sleep:

  • “To drift off”
  • “To doze off”
  • “To fall asleep”: To actually begin to sleep
  • “To go to sleep”: This could mean going to bed
  • “To get some shut-eye” : I am going to get some shut-eye. I will email you back in the morning

*Listen to the conversation in the episode to hear Lindsay and Michelle using these phrases in a natural way.

What other phrases do you use when you talk about sleep?

Let us know in the comments.

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