AEE 479: How to Say “Really” with a Twist in English

really with a twist in English

Today find out how to stop always saying “really” and get a few different words that mean the same thing.

When you use these new words your English will sound more enthusiastic, more original and more interesting.

Adverbs are words that describe an adjective.

We might use the word “really” to emphasize something.

For example, that dog is “really” cute.

We can bump up our connection with people if we can use other words that mean something similar to “really” and we’ll find out how to do it today.

Words instead of “really”:

  • Totally: “I was totally exhausted after the work out today.”
  • Amazingly: “Those fries are amazingly delicious. Can I have another?”
  • Insanely: “That dress is insanely cute on you.”
  • Incredibly: “It’s incredibly cold outside.”
  • Completely: “I completely agree with you.”
  • Ridiculously: “The traffic was ridiculously busy.”
  • Super: “I had a super fun time at the party last night”


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What other words do you know that mean the same as “really”?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • 1) I was really tired after doing my homework . ( totally )
    2) The dinner was really tasty . ( amazingly )
    3) You look really beautiful today . ( insanely )
    4) This view is really breath-taking . ( incredibly )
    5) I’m really addicted to you . ( completely )
    6) The comedian was really funny in the show . ( rediculously )
    7) She is a really excellent dancer . ( super )

  • João Batista Silva

    I’m a listener from Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil.

    And today, I confess, I’m really tired too!

    But always with energy to listen, enjoy and learn a lot with this wonderful podcast.

    Thank you for doing it so well and funny. I simply love it.

  • Martin Peng

    perfect! I really like this episode, I have learn English for almost ten years here in Guangzhou city, China, although I got few opportunites to use English in my work place,but I love learning English with enthusiasm and passion, and I must say that this learn material is the best stuff that I have ever get! thank you so much for your hardworking, your pronuciation is amazingly beautiful!

  • Thank you for listening!