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Today we answer a question from a listener who tunes into AEE every day but often gets distracted.

He asks us if this is ok for his learning.

We answer the question today.

“I have been working hard to improve because I want to reach the advanced level. I’d like to know about English immersion.

Is it effective to listen to English even when I am not paying full attention to what is being said?

I listen to AEE at my internship but sometimes I get distracted by noises around me or by silly things.

Can you help me with this please?

Is it ok to learn this way?”


There are two different ways to learn:

  • Diffuse learning: This is a resting state for our mind. We use it when we take a walk or a shower or when we go to sleep. We build connections between what we learned in focused learning.
  • Focused learning: Sitting down, studying, and being focused. Using transcripts or textbooks.

Read more about diffuse learning from the research of Terry Sejnowski


This listener is asking us about a learning state that is somewhere between both of these forms of learning.

We think it’s ok to listen to AEE when you are slightly distracted.

Our brains can’t handle constant focused learning especially now that we have the Internet.

If you don’t let your brain settle and relax you will burn out.

Don’t forget that you do need to spend some time using focused learning.

You can do that using the transcripts.


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What is your opinion?

Do you use focused learning when you listen to AEE?

Let us know in the comments below.

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