Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Michelle went to India!

She came back a few weeks ago and today we’ll hear about her experience.

Find out why her experience was wonderful, jarring, and confusing at the same time. You’ll also get some great questions that you can use to ask people about a recent trip or to talk about your own travel experiences.

Here are some great questions:

  • What surprised you most about India?
  • What languages did you speak? How is your Hindi?
  • What were the people like?
  • What else did you do that was interesting? Anything else?


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Other phrases to talk about a trip:

  • “Eye opening”: Something that opens your eyes and makes you learn something. It is something that shocks you.
  • “It’s hard to express”: It’s hard to articulate the feeling that you have.
  • “It was a real challenge”:
  • “You (really) have to see it for yourself”
  • “It was out of this world”
  • “It was spectacular”


Listen to the episode with Lindsay and Michelle to get more of Michelle’s experiences in India.

You can use the vocabulary that you learned today when you speak with a native speaker who has just come back from a trip.

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