Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you a clean person or a neat person?

Or both?

Or neither?

Today we’re going to show you five simple expressions, phrasal verbs, and words that are related to the word clean.

5 “Clean” Words:

  • To come clean: To be honest with someone and tell them something that you have been lying about. Here is an example: “I have to come clean with you and tell you that…”
  • To clean up your act: To stop doing something that you are doing wrong and to make a change.
  • To clean out: To get rid of old things and to clean an area such as your closet or your bedroom.
  • To make a clean break: We might use this expression when we talk about a break up. When we break up with someone we want to make a “clean break” and go no contact until we are no longer in love with the person.
  • To be clean cut: If someone is “clean cut” they are neat and clean in their presentation. They wear nice and clean clothes. They are also probably polite and well brought up.


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“Neat” versus “Clean”

  • “Neat”: When things are organized and not messy
  • “Clean”: When things are scrubbed, vacuumed, etc.


Are you a clean or a neat person or both or neither?

Let us know in the comments below.

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