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There is a new Netflix series out called “Get Down.”

One of our listeners wants to know what this phrase means. Today we answer the question and more!

Learn six ways to use the phrase “Get down” and get our answer to her question.

Here is Vivian’s question:

“Hello Lindsay and Michelle first I would like to thank you for your help I really appreciate your podcast. I am crazy about movies and TV series. Recently Netflix released a new TV series called Get Down. I haven’t watched it yet but before I watch it I would like to know what is the meaning of the title of this series? I know it’s a phrasal verb and the first meaning that comes to my mind is when you move your body to hide from someone but I don’t think this is the meaning of the title of this Netflix series. What are the other meanings of this verb “get down”? Thank you so much and kisses from Brazil in the middle of the Olympics.”

-Vivian Fernandes


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What does “get down” mean in the title of the newest series on Netflix?

This title is probably a double meaning.

A lot of TV shows use double meanings or other clever cultural references in their title. For example, Orange Is The New Black is a reference to the saying “Brooklyn is the New Manhattan” which is a famous quote from Sex in the City.

Here’s another example:

The new show called Master of None comes from the famous phrase “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”

In the TV show Parts Unkown with Anthony Bourdain the title has a double meaning. The word “parts” means places around the world because they travel everywhere on the show to sample international food and “parts” is used in cooking when you say “add two parts butter and 1 part sugar.”


This title “Get Down” probably has two meanings.

The first one is probably related to dancing.

You have to watch the show to get the other meaning.


Beyond this TV show the phrase “get down” can have a bunch of different meanings.

Let’s look at some of them today.


Meanings for “get down”:

  • To get down = to dance
  • To get down to business= to start working
  • To get down= physical movement= to move down from a higher level
  • Something gets you down= something makes you feel bad
  • To get down= a slang that means to have sex
  • To get down with something= To be cool with, to be ok with something “I can get down with that”


As you can see, this one phrasal verb has so many ways that it can be used and so many meanings.

We challenge you to watch the show and find out what the other meaning is!

Let us know in the comments if you find out.

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