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Today is Thanksgiving!

What are you doing today? If you are in the United States are you enjoying a meal with friends or family?

Today we have a great question about how to end your story in English.

Today’s question is a response to Episode 628 where we talked about how to use “kind of” and “sort of” in English.

Here is the question:

Hey Lindsay and Michelle! Nice episode! I’m pretty happy to listen to this episode because I was kinda confused how to use those expressions. I used to ask my British friend about them especially the expression “Pretty much”, but I got nothing. He just couldn’t explain it to me. I was sorta hopeless, and I was like okay I would ask Lindsay and Michelle about that. But oh gosh, today I got it! I found this episode! Thank God!

However, I’m sort of confused with the expression ‘Pretty much’ used by my Canadian friend. One day, she told about the internet connection at her house, and then after she finished talking about that, she said “Pretty much it”.

Well, could you please Lindsay and Michelle tell me why she put the object ‘it’ after ‘pretty much’? what is the function of ‘it’?

Please tell me about that 🙂

Alright thanks Lindsay and Michelle…You guys are so amazing! Nice to hear your voice 🙂


What is her friend saying?

Her friend is saying, “that’s all I have to say” or “that’s the end of my story.”

In Episode 628 we learned that “pretty much” means “basically” and “it” means “everything” or “all” or “all there is.”


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Let’s learn a few other ways to end your story in English.


Casual ways to end your story:

  • (That’s) Pretty much it
  • That’s about it
  • I think that’s it
  • That’s all I have to say about that
  • “aaand that’s pretty much it” (*this can be used in a funny and self-deprecating way if your story wasn’t that funny or interesting you wrap it up in a self deprecating tone of voice)



  • That’s all for now
  • That’s all


What questions do you have from today?

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